Transfer Season

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The boxes are here.  The color coded sticky notes are out in full force.  We are eating up all of the forgotten food from the back of our freezer.   (How old is that lasagna?) 

Y'all know what that means.....  it's MOVING SEASON!  

This time around, the kids and I don't even need visas, shots, plane tickets, or passports. Sounds amazing, right?   We don't even have to worry about what to pack in our UAB (air) shipment!  How dreamy!  The kids and I are heading "home!"   It's 4 hours down the road, off to SW Virginia for us!    Good bye traffic, HOV lanes, and overpriced everything of the DC area!   

And D, on the other hand, well, he has his visa, and plane ticket, and a UAB all boxed up.  He's off to Iraq for the year.   

Let's let the fun begin, box it all up, and bring it on unaccompanied tour.   

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