embarassing children... church edition

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The three year old speaks her mind.   For the most part, she is politely blunt. 

Her latest string of comments have been in church.   And I swear, every child in church is just sitting there quietly bored, except for mine.   My kids are trying to figure out how the kneelers work, why on earth there is so much singing, and why is that organ SO loud.  They have meltdowns during communion because they didn't get a snack.   I mean, seriously if I have made it to that point in mass with my children, y'all I have earned that entire cup of church wine! 

Okay, so my little lady has been speaking up a bit more during mass.  And anyone that is ease dropping probably think my children never get out, and they probably start praying that they get some more Jesus in their life.   Here's her latest. 

She looks at the priest's chair...  "Mommy, is the Queen here yet?"

While coloring she LOUDLY repeats random words in the middle of the homily she just heard,  "We all DIE.  With all my heart.  JESUS!"

Points to crucifix...   "Who that guy stuck up there?   The bad guys got him!" 

I had to leave early one day, tried to sneak out under the radar during a prayer, she shouts...  "I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE CHURCH, NO MOMMY DON'T MAKE ME LEAVE CHURCH!"

Bless her heart. 

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