Mom's first day of school

Monday, August 28, 2017

The oldest was off to the big leagues this morning.  Kindergarten.


Just like any Kindergarten mama this morning I was worried about him.  How would he make it ALL day long.  Without me?   Doesn't the school know he is my BFF and that their school day is WAY too long?   What if he can't unzip his lunch box?  Will he drink enough water?  What if he gets cranky?   But as he got out of the car this morning, all chipper I wasn't worried at all.  He grabbed his backpack and was off to his classroom!


But with all of that worrying about him and his big day I forgot to worry about ME!  What on earth was my day going to be like without my little man?  What if I got cranky? Who was going to help me find my glasses when I forgot where I put them?

I knew then, it was going to be one long rough day.

When I got back home from taking him to school I poured some coffee.  Well, because it seemed like the perfect thing to do to relax after my traumatic experience of my buddy leaving me.  And frankly, he was pretty happy about it.  Gut punch!

Two sips into my coffee and I was bored.  My little lady is here with me, her preschool doesn't start until next week.  But the house is just WAY to quiet with only one kid!  My little lady, who is quite vocal, is SO quiet without her brother.  Who knew!  There was no one is talking, screaming, fighting, or laughing.  Pin drop.  Seriously.  So, it was yoga time for the little lady and me. She only lasted for about three sun salutations then she informed me that she already knew how to do yoga and that it was time for her to watch some Puppy Dog Pals.  Okay little lady, we are going to have to work on your 'entertain your mommy' skills!   
After I downward, upward, and sidewarded dogged I saw my previously poured and forgotten cup of coffee.  It was cold, but it was still caffeinated. So the little lady and I enjoyed some Disney Junior.  Oh, that silly Goldie! 
 I meal planned for the week.
 I put together a Lego set for the little lady.  WHY ARE THERE SO MANY LITTLE PIECES THESE DAYS!   Who needs that many little useless pieces?   Where are the bricks?  Not these flowery looking scraps of plastic that my vacuum cleaner LOVES to suck up and when the kids hear that sound they come running and I have to act like nothing is wrong even though I TOTALLY just send another Lego part to the great Lego Land in the sky.  Okay, I'll stop complaining about Legos.  Hey, at least that occupied the two of us for an hour.
Still bummed that a the oldest was at school.   I mean seriously, its almost mid day, he would usually be home by now from preschool!  I ate my feelings in cake.  Let me tell you, those were some good feelings.
 I got the little lady situated for some solo play time and I took some time out for me to watch some trashy reality TV.  D makes so much fun of my DVR.  I just like how all of these shows remind me how sane I actually am.
I played piano.  The children's taste has taken over my piano books as of lately.  Moana and Star Ware are our jams here.   Who am I kidding, the Imperial March is pretty much my little lady's PE time for the day today.  She military marches all around when she hears it.  I just don't want to find out what happens if I hit a wrong note.  That wouldn't fly with my little Lady Vader.
We  did the little lady's Letter of the Week activities for today.   Go me for not slacking on the education!!!!!  Mom win.  We are onto letter B this week.  Don't tell her that.  She thinks she's still learning about the letter A.  Doesn't she know the letter A was so last week. 
 After getting our 'B' education I repaired my big man's AT-ST.  I thought he would appreciate that when he got home from school to see it all back to prime fighting shape.
 I planned out my little man's reading exercises for the week.  Another GO ME!
 Cleaned out the fridge.  Oh my stars!  I AM ON A ROLL!  It is kind of amazing what you can accomplish when you are only in charge of one tiny human!
Picked a peck of pickled peppers.  No seriously.  I picked them.  And I pickled them.  Please no one tell my husband that this much productivity is possible in any given day.

Later I realized that apparantly the little lady was also happy that ht AT-ST was back in battle mode. It was defeated on the floor.  Oh my!  Seriously!  If I have to fix this thing one more time I might cry. Pass the super glue.  This mom is so over Legos.  Pass the vacuum.
Woo hoo!  I repaired it, again!  Only problem, I'm not sure where these parts went.  So obviously since the thing is standing they aren't that important.  I'll bury these tiny scraps in the Lego box.  Shhhhh.
After some serious coloring and sniffing scented markers with the little lady.  And a few other boring chores in there that I will be nice and not make you look at pictures of me scrubbing cabinets and vacuuming.  (Which let the record reflect, I think I only picked up one Lego part today, and I was nice since it was a big one and fished it out.  Your'e welcome guys!) my day was FINALLY over.  It was time to pick up the big little guy!  

The Kindergartner!  

Happy as can be!  With his awesome Kindergarten crown.  

He said he had an awesome day.  And didn't even miss me.  '

Thanks dude.  We will see if your mommy will ever fix your Lego creations again!  

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