exhaustion strikes

Saturday, April 22, 2017

We had a busy, busy spring break.  No relaxation for us, we had a schedule!

And before you stop reading because it is just sounds like I'm about to complain about how tiring it is to be a mommy.  No, that's not what this is about (this time). I learned a valuable lesson this week.   And I think D did too.

Over Spring Break we drove 16 hours (yes drove, what can I say, we love the togetherness) to Arkansas to see family, drove back visited with more family, celebrated Easter with family, kicked off the t-ball season, and started back with school, swim classes, and what seemed like a billion projects for me and the kids.

So, I didn't think too much of it when I was SO exhausted all this week.  I had done it again, bit off more than I could chew. Oh well.  But we weren't talking just the normal ragged mommy tired.  We are talking I NEED a nap every hour of the day exhaustion. Happily crawling in bed by 8 exhaustion. 

And not to mention the dull headache I had all week.  The headache wouldn't go away.  It got the point after WebMDing my issues that I was convinced I either had meningitis or I had suffered a blow to the head that I couldn't remember because I was so tired.  
It made sense at the time!  

D had been complaining of a headache all week too.  I told him he was having allergies, and he needed to man up and admit that he wasn't immune to pollen.  I know I'm mean, but I really don't trust a man complaining about man colds and such.  Give it a couple days and then I'll take you seriously D!  

Fast forward to this morning.  I still had a dull headache.  But I powered through made the kids (and D) pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  We start our weekends off right!

After breakfast I cleaned, sticky syrupy messes.  Thanks kids. It was then that I noticed the cabinet where at we keep the coffee in was open so I moved some things so it could close properly when I saw it.

I picked up the coffee D had been making us for the past week.   It was DECAF!

What had he done to me?  He had me convinced all week long that something was seriously wrong with  me!

Not cool!  Really.  

And now, I'm sitting here happily drinking one extra strong, CAFFEINATED, cup of coffee.

D, if you ever pull that one (accident or not!) on me again you can pack your bags bud!  xoxos hunny.  

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