Storm Troopers Swim, Right?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Swim like a............   storm trooper"

Words I found myself saying to cheer my preschooler on at swim class a few weeks ago.

We didn't get a lot of pool time in when we lived in China.  Pollution, weather, and indoor pools that require everyone (EVERYONE) to wear a swim cap.  Have you tried putting a swim cap on a 2 year old?   Talk about traumatic, for me and the kid!   So the stars didn't align for us to be an active pool family in China.  Now that we are back in America we have been trying to make up for lost time and get the kids water comfortable (and safe!)!

Back to the first few swim lessons here...  there are obviously no floaties in swim class. He wanted his floatie (independence) back.  He didn't want to swim.  He wanted to play. Understandable.

Not only was he was upset at the lack of floaties but also frustrated by the serious effort that he realized was required to kick across the pool. Yes my darling, you do need to use  your muscles to swim, poor kid!   So, frustration tears were close.  I could see them.  Not what he needed for his swim confidence!

So I looked at him with his new white, mask-like googles on and told him the quickest thing I could think of to get him to move.....  Darling, swim like a storm trooper! Kick, kick, kick and be a storm trooper.  

What on earth had I just said?  Now, I'm just learning about Star Wars thanks to my children's serious obsession but I'm pretty certain that storm troopers aren't swimming butterfly relay races in a galaxy far, far away!

Next thing I know it he was kicking away.

Did my nonsense really just work?

Fast forward to a few weeks later and now he is underwater, kicking, pulling with his hands and a totally different kid in the pool.  My little storm trooper!

Thank you Storm Troopers.

Star Wars for the win.  Mommy nonsense for the win.

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