stolen first kisses

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Our life is finally on a pretty good/stable schedule.  And that great schedule involves me at the gym 5 days a week.

No, I'm not a gym rat.  I'm not buff.   Going to the gym to me pretty much means....

1) I can eat a slice (or two) of cake on the reg.
2) I get to shower without interruption.   A daily shower for a SAHM, talk about WINNING!!!!!   

Anyways, where are the children while I'm making room for cake and showering...  they are either at school or the gym child care.  Well the gym apparently attracts some morally lacking toddlers!

As I was checking my children in at the child care I saw a little boy come up to my kids.  NBD, I'm sure he is saying hello, and his parent must be somewhere near.  Who lets a preschooler roam around a gym solo anyways?

Next thing I know it he is grabbing my daughter's face and planting one on her.

OMG.  What did I just see?  I try not to helicopter mom but all bets were off at that moment.  Dude, back off!  Give her some breathing room!   

Poor little thing just had her first kiss, and it was stolen from her!

She was shocked.

And was quick to jump behind me once I broke it up.

Frankly, he is lucky she didn't slap him.  She's a feisty little thing.  Seriously.   You don't mess with my little Southern Belle, she tells it to you straight, bless your heart.

It has been a few weeks and I haven't seen the sneaky young Casanova since.  Let's hope we don't run back into him because I can't give up our gym days!  I need my cake and showers!

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