snow day!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The snow days of yesteryear (before kids) are long gone.

Snow days before kids..  Check the OPM. Go back to bed. Wake up late. Take a long snow walk. Eat a fancy boozey lunch. Binge watch Netflix. Enjoy mulled wine. Have a long hot bath. Paint my nails. Go to bed fully relaxed!

Snow days with kids...   Check the school district schedule. Out of bed by 6. Cook extra large breakfast for children - maybe this will put them into a food coma and we can all nap, ya right.  Consult Pinterest for craft ideas - realize I'm lacking at least one major supply for each activity.  Bundle children up to play in snow.  Drink lukewarm hot chocolate. Binge watch Disney movies. Shovel snow.  Put kids to bed and then turn on Netflix to fall asleep because shoveling snow kicked my bum.

So one list is a lot longer than the other!  But we have had fun the past couple snow days! I mean how can days where you make marshmallow launchers not be completely awesome - delicious and educational!!!!  Mom winning!

It is just that snow days where D has to work kind of stink!  It isn't that I can't manage with the children solo, I'm a SAHM - I got that part, taking care (and entertaining) little ones all day is my jam!  It is the chores that come with snow days that I need D around for - SHOVELING SNOW STINKS!

Apparently shoveling snow requires these armpit muscles that I don't have. I'm not talking the chicken wing part of your arm, I'm seriously talking about armpits.  I'm a swimmer, and obviously swimming is NOT working out my armpits.  My armpits are killing me this morning!  Who knew armpit muscles are a thing.  So next year, I'm going to be ready for snow days!  I am going to figure out what one of those weight lifting devices at the gym works for arm pits.  I'm going to have some killer pits!

Who am I kidding, my pits are going to stay as is, D is just going to come home early so he can shovel everything for me.  

Side note..  D did do some shoveling yesterday, he did finish the part I couldn't do, and poor guy did it in the dark he was home so late.  Super Dad!  

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