I'm back, for real this time!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Preface note...  please read this post while humming 'Backstreets Back,' it really helps set the tone! 

Y'all, I have failed.  How did I abandon this?  
Med-evec, curtailment, moving back to DC, 2 kids, fixing up a 19th century home, baking too much, Target distractions, preschool, soccer, swimming, cereal choice overload, traffic, drinking wine, chasing children, hiding from children, and the occasional full night of sleep!  
Life happens! 
But, y'all I thought about this blog the other day.  And how once upon a time I did used to enjoy keeping my 2 followers (Hi Mom!) entertained. 
So, I'm back to keep you entertained with the shenanigans of us!  And please, pardon my dust while I give this page a much needed facelift!

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