Still out here.

Friday, April 03, 2015

I'm still here, I swear! I just had a baby (lame excuse! Ha) and became super busy with my darling, energetic JB and his little sister.  (For the blog we'll call her lil' Belle.)   So my two darlings have been double the trouble, fun, and adorableness.   And have kept me 10 times more busy than I used to be!   Let's just say that I truly deserve my glass of cab!   

So updates from the past almost year (OMG oops).
Lil' Belle was born back in Virginia. 
We are still in China.  
We will be in China for another year. 
We survived our first vacation with two darling troublemakers.  (Xian and the teracotta solidiers, I'll post more on that later)
JB is potty trained, woohoo.  (After potty training the 2 yo we are now hoping that lil belle potty trains herself!  D and I both earned a double (read triple) pour of something strong.) 
Lil belle is 7 months and crawling, standing up, and busy trying to steal whatever JB is eating.   

I'm sure there is more.  But I'm going to go and get some coffee.   

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  1. TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!! Congratulations on doubling your fun! Looking forward to hearing more and of your travel adventures when you get a mo'.