Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Ahhh yes, Singapore.  So JB and I headed to Singapore in April (we left D in Chengdu, sorry D!) for my 20 week ultrasound and to meet up with my parents in Indonesia and enjoy some warm weather, lumpia, and piles of nasi goreng!  I had not been to Singapore since I was 14, many, many moons ago.  Things have changed a bit there!

After the Chengdu to Singapore red eye with a toddler (#thingstoNEVERdoagain) we met up with Nana and took the ferry across to Batam.  JB loved some pool time in Indo.  Thanks to spending way to much time in the pool he now insists that his bath temperature is cool (like the pool!) and tries to swim on his tummy during bath time while blowing bubbles in the tub.  I'm thinking someone loves the water!   
JB swimming, piles of satay, the Batam ferry terminal 
After the long weekend in Indo we headed back to Singapore.  Pregnant (read: always starving) me did not complain about the food situation there!  
amazing dim sum, and yakitori 
my half eaten lamb kebab.  i miss lamb.  
JB didn't complain about the food either.  He was seriously spoiled every morning at breakfast.  Check out the adorable special pacake they brought him!   Where was my good morning pancake?  (D, please make me one for tomorrow.  Thanks!)  
JB at breakfast
The one thing that JB did hate was the heat.  Every time we went outside he would say 'ot' - hot in JB speak.  And he wouldn't just let you know that he was hot by telling you, he seriously put on the most miserable, I'm going to die of heat exhaustion face that you have ever seen.  
JB hates heat and humidity. 
We took JB to the zoo.  What kid doesn't love the zoo?  No, it was too 'ot.  Of course. The only exhibit that he enjoyed was the polar bears with the ice cold igloo!  I'm thinking that with this kiddo a tropical post is not in our future!  
at the Singapore Zoo
So, our medevac trip was lovely.  And the mini vacation went by way too fast!  I guess next time I head south I should probably take my husband with me!  

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