hot pot

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Hot pot, yummmmm.   It's a Sichuan speciality, so of course we have to eat it.  It's chinese fondue essentially, minus the cheese, and add some spicy broth.    You get your stock, they light up a burner under it, and you order all of your meat and veggies for you to cook in your broth.  

Here it is.   The middle light colored broth was some fish and veggie stock.  The outer ring was the spicy Sichuan classic hot pot broth.  Just whatever you do, like all food here in Chengdu, you have to ignore the glistening oil layer on top!   The food here is very tasty, but it does not fall into the heart healthy category!  

So, I have been to hot pot a few times stateside, and D and I have even made it at home before, and I always thought I was tough when it came to spicy food, but oh my stars did that outer ring of broth pack a punch.   By the end of supper I was only eating out of the fish and veggie stock section.   

Once you cook up your food you can dip it I'm your sesame oil, garlic, and cilantro mixture.   Then enjoy!  (Of course you add more oil to flavor your food here!) 

At first, JB wasn't sure about his meal, he decided to hide from his tofu and noodles.  But it didn't take JB long to decide he loves hot pot too.  Seriously.  He has now even learned how to say hot pot and gets pretty excited when we tell him that's what we are going to go eat.   

I meant to take a pretty picture of all of the uncooked food, but that didn't happen.  So here is our awesomely messy table.   I swear it was mich tastier than this picture makes it look!   

JB is really into using his chopsticks.   He will eventually get there.   Until then he kind of just uses them as a pestle.   

This was some pickled veggie.   I'm not a huge pickle fan, but it did look pretty.   

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