fishing at the store

Saturday, May 03, 2014

JB loves going to the grocery store here.  It is cleaver swinging, meat tossing, and live fish entertainment for him!   What more could a kid want from a store?    He's just not so sure about the flowery smells of the antibacterial hand gel I lather on both of us after! 

In the meat section you really get to pick your cut!  Not by sorting through prewrapped peices of meat, but by picking it up and digging through a bin of pork tenderloins to get the perfect one!   Not everyone uses hand protection in the meat digging process, I guess they really like to get up and close with their supper!  I'm going to stick with plastic bagging my hands and antibacterial hand gel though!    

top: guys chopping meat, I do not see how they do so much with just a cleaver! 
bottom: ground pork separated out by fat percentage.   this makes making sausage so easy!  D made some sage breakfast sausage the other weekend, perfection!   Next on the to do list...  Brats, love fresh brats!   

D loves whole roasted fish.   He offered to cook the other night so he went to the store with me to catch our supper.   (Yes, such a provider, works hard and then catches our meat!)
The first time we went to this store the lady next to us had her fish flop out of her net!  It flipped and flopped under our cart, JB watched all of this pretty closely!   Don't worry the fish attendant caught the fish and got it back in the lady's bag so she and her supper could be on their way!  
top:  yes, that's right, my darling husband caught two fish at once!  Check out those net skills!
bottom left:  the nice lady takes the fish, weighs them, then takes them away to meet their maker and gut them while you wait.   She killed the fish, gutted it, descaled it all with a cleaver.  Now that is talent!  
bottom right:  JB watches the fish tanks.  He was pretty excited when he saw the fish flopping in the net!   

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