to market we go!

Monday, April 07, 2014

This weekend we decided to check out some local shopping options!  The Qing Shi Qiao market toward the city center of Chengdu was fairly large, bustling, and and I think with a little determination you could find anything (cooking wise) that you could ever need!  I was just on a hunt for some lemongrass (mission successful btw!) and we wanted to check out some of the fresh seafood options available.

We were there around 9am, word on the street has it the best time to get your seafood is in the wee early hours of the morning.  While we were there we did see every type of seafood possible, including some fresh sushi grade salmon flown in from Norway.  Yum!  So I think in the next couple of weeks D is going to take one for the team, chug a cup of coffee and get out the door to get our catch for that day!
You know how I mentioned you can find anything here, well I really meant anything.
Want some snake for your supper that night?  Don't worry you can by a live one (not pictured, because I'm too chicken poopie to get close enough to their cages and take a photo, or I didn't trust the cages)!  Or what about a porcupine?  (Again, not pictured, it was next to one of the snake cages).   I'm not so sure what the porcupine was for?  It seems like it would be kind of tedious to safely kill for meat, or maybe it was to be sold as a pet?  Talk about potential for the worst pet ever!  Maybe it was a guard animal?  Who knows, anywho, here are some sights of the market!
above: crazy large lobster shrimp.  below: scallops in their shell, yum, my fav!
one of the seafood stands
goose heads, goose gizzards, goose innards (and don't ask me to name the rest!)
the stall next to this one also had cleaned snake heads, fangs still in place!
all types of birds, and rabbits!  and yes, JB said 'bock bock' to the chickens.  
left: crawfish, omg omg, i smell a crawfish boil!  top right: goose brains.  bottom right: turtles 
left: meat, meat, and mas meat!  right: not sure what this tail is from?!?
all sorts of smoked pork products!
pork face bacon (a local favorite), sausages, smoked pork butt, and more!  it smelled amazingly smoky!
After all of that shopping we were kind of hungry, so we left the market to search for a snack!  Snackie food is seriously one thing that is not hard to find here!  Knowing what you are eating without knowing any Chinese, well now that is a different story!  Luckily for me D knows his Chinese foods!  
top: roasted duck tongues.  bottom: duck innards on a stick. 
more meat on a stick! they twice fry it for you and then cover it in a dry chili spice mix.  yum.
left: d enjoys his sammich.  top right: sandwich stuffed with stir fried beef and peppers.  it was tasty,
bottom right: twirly potato on a stick for JB, fried pork and fried squid on a stick.   

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  1. You are certainly in China! So glad D knows his food lingo - that is totally key. Love that you're blogging again.