the new digs!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

As promised, here is the obligatory virtual tour of our new place!  

We still need to move a few things around, add some color to the walls (I'm so not a white wall person!), and of course fill in the rest with our many, many boxes, and then it will start to feel more like home!  

But so far we really like it.  Seriously! There is a playground right outside for JB, so he is beyond happy.  And D has less than a minute commute to the office, so it is amazing seeing him at lunch time!  My only complaint is that I no longer have an Oprah closet like we did in Mexico; I have to share my hanging space with D now, and my shoes will not longer have individual shelves.   What is this world coming to!  :)  
Oprah Closet:

Well, step in, nose around, I'll be sure to post an update as soon as we get our stuff!  

living room: it's pretty big actually, and these grey couches just might work for my color scheme!

dining room: like my corner of empty amazon boxes?  i love when the UPS man (aka D) comes to my door! 

kitchen: i'm totally counting down the days until the UAB gets here for my KitchenAid to arrive!  this pregnant lady is seriously craving a cinnamon roll!

master bedroom: i love having room for a sitting area in here!  

JB's room: kinda boring for the moment, but it isn't like he spends much time in here anyways!  there is another bedrorom just like this for baby 2.  

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