oodles of noodles

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anyone that knows d and me knows we love food, cooking, and asian food.  So, our tummies have been looking forward to our eastward move for a few years now!   So far, of course with a few minor chile oil drenched bumps on the way, chengdu has not disappointed.   

Do you know how nice it is to have someone else make me dumplings?  I hate stuffing dumplings, and they are so good at it here!   This lady doesn't have to stuff another dumpling for two years!   Woohhooooo!!!    And how lovely it is that someone else makes my mapo tofu?   Mapo tofu is on my top ten favorite food list, I am in the land of unlimited mapo tofu.  And this pregnant lady plans to get her eat on!   
Even JB has enjoyed his Chinese food introduction.   We took him to a Muslim noodle shop this weekend.   I don't think he will complain (I know I won't) if we take him back here again.  Yummmyyy.  

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