hanging around with... the FLOTUS!

Monday, March 31, 2014

That's right, we had to come all the way to Chengdu, China to meet Michelle Obama.   After years of living down the road from her, going to some of the same restaurants, and even shopping at the same Target we didn't meet until China!  Can you believe that?   :) 

JB put on his Sunday best for his very first FLOTUS meeting!   
Yes, he was way more into snack time than stopping so his mother could take a photo.   

Doesn't JB look super thrilled?  I don't think it is in a toddler's grasp to understand why someone could be so excited about a random lady, a random lady that doesn't even have snacks!   
And yes, I am aware that I look way too excited in this picture, trust me I'm doing all I can at this point to hold back my crazed fan comments and keep my cool!  Don't worry, I refrained from screaming I love you, I love jcrew too, or can I join y'all at supper tonight?  So instead we chatted about how great it was that she included Chengdu in her travels, and she told JB that his bow tie was very handsome and that she appreciated him getting all dressed up for her!   And yes, she is super sweet in person!  

Later, when I asked D where and when Mrs. Obama was dining that evening his response to me was...   Do you really think I would tell you of all people?  My own husband doesn't even trust me.  How crazy does he think I am? Thanks, D!  

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