gone fish feeding

Monday, March 24, 2014

JB is enjoying China so far.   He gets tons of attention from the ladies, has an awesome park outside his door, has access to unlimited noodles, and interacts with the wildlife.   

Okay, well maybe wildlife is a bit far fetched.   
He got to feed the giant fish.   And not just throw food at them, no way. They take it a step up here in China, to make it easier on the fish, you know?!?   They fill a baby bottle with liquid fish food, attach it to a stick for you to bottle feed the fish.  Fancy huh?  
JB thought this was cool at first, then he decided that trying to pet them was a way better idea.   Yes, my child was the only one trying to pet the fish.   Maybe I have taken him to one too many farms?   Or maybe he was just trying to catch our supper?  

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