stop that baby!

Monday, April 01, 2013

we just got back from spending easter week in Mexico City.
side bar... i really liked that city.  i'll have to post more about that later but....

while there, we learned that our jumping bean son is obviously already embarrassed by his parents.
our 8 month old tried to take the metro solo.

ya, i know what you are thinking either (a) we are the worst parents in the world or (b) we have the most advanced child ever.

okay, so it is neither of them.

here's the issue, you know that lovely *ding* sound you hear on the DC metro that gives you a heads up you are about to be cut in half by the door so you better move the heck out of the way?  ya, well that sound doesn't really exist on Mexico City's metro.  so jumping bean in the stroller made it on, but d and i were on the outside as the doors tried to shut.  thank goodness for some good samaritans that pulled open the door with d to let us on.  if not, i wonder if jumping bean would have known to get off at the next stop and wait for us there?

i know we aren't the first of last people to have a metro door close on their baby/stroller, but i have a new found appreciation for the *ding* sound!

and since jumping bean tried to give us the slip like this now, i'm thinking we are in some serious trouble during his teenage years!

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