backyard tourist in GDL

Thursday, November 15, 2012

So, outings with baby can kind of be a pain in the bum.  Little man needs so much stuff!  So, when we do get out and about these days it is kind of a big deal, even if it is just being a tourist here in Guadalajara.  Which can be kind of fun sometimes.  

Because here in GDL we have really cool things like deep fried hot dogs.  Not just deep fried plain weenies, but corn dog looking dogs, and pigs in a blanket looking dogs.  Whatever your hot dog fancy is, GDL street food has it!  Yes, prior to frying they are those nuclear pink hot dogs that you wouldn't eat even on a double dog dare.  

Need something to wash down that deep fried weenie with?  How about some Tejuino? An icy cold beverage made from fermented corn.  Yummm, just wait there's more!  It is toped with a scoop of lime ice cream.  Ahhh Refreshing.  D claims he likes it.  I'm convinced he just says he likes it only to enhance his Guadalajara street cred.  

Churros?  My personal favorite.  What is not to love about deep fried, sugar coated dough?  Yes, the chocolate sauce and condensed milk in the photo is an optional topping for your churro - just incase the sugar coating just isn't quite enough for you!

As you try to walk off your deep fried fermented food coma, there is music in the square.

And churches.  For you to pray for your now clogged arteries.

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  1. Hahaha! Love the ending of your outing!

  2. Stalking your blog because we're thinking about bidding Guadalajara. Man, those churros alone are enough to knock it up a few slots on the list!

  3. those churros aren't half bad!!!!! feel free to stalk away and let me know if you have any GDL questions!