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Friday, August 17, 2012

Little JB (jumping bean) is one month old now.  And at his one month check up he officially got the go ahead to LEAVE THE HOUSE!  OMG OMG OMG -  we are no longer house bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

So right after his doctor appointment I decided to run my first errand with JB, we went to WalMart!  Hey!  Stop judging -WalMart is a classy establishment in Mexico.  It even sells Dom Perignon and escargot!   Is your WalMart that cool?  Didn't think so!

I didn't really need anything from the store I was just so excited to be allowed to go out - so I decided we would pick up some beer, it is Friday after all and I know D would not complain if there is a cold 6 pack in the fridge for this evening.

So on our first official outing I felt rude not talking with JB, I didn't want to ignore the little man - so I just kind of started talking (thinking out loud) while in the beer aisle, and I found myself asking him what type of beer we should buy, and started listing stout, ale, lager...  Once I realized that I was asking an infant for his beer preference I felt like a crazy person!

I'm thinking this isn't kosher to (a) talk to yourself in the store and (b) get your infant's take on beer.

Thankfully no one heard me, that I know of, and I quickly got my 6 pack and left.

I think JB and I need to find some other things to talk about for our next WalMart trip like...  wine pairings for dinner or brie vs. camembert?

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  1. Ummm...was I not supposed to take my baby out of the house every single day since the day she was discharged from the hospital? Oopsie!

    It's never too early to educate your children on the intricacies of beer. Too funny!