new mommy 101

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Things I have learned since our little mexican jumping bean (JB) arrived...

1) Poop is an appropriate dinner topic (people did warn us about this, and I really didn't believe them, or didn't think I would be that obsessed, but now I understand)
2) It is acceptable to encourage and cheer on burps in a setting other than a keg party
3) At the rate I'm going though Tide, Dawn, and Pampers I need to buy stock in P&G (insider tip: you should too!)
4) Kid songs get REALLY stuck in your head - and they WILL NOT LEAVE...  six little ducks that i once knew....  seeking remedies!
5) Poop and pee are capable of shooting across the room (did I mention yet that we talk a lot about poop these days?)
6) One month ago I would be really really mad if someone peed on me, now, not so much
7) Considering the number of times I have googled poop, it won't surprise me when google ads start marketing me items like rubber aprons and gloves, hemorrhoid cream, depends, air freshener, etc....
8) Going to bed at 9pm on a Sat. night is wonderful
9) Opening up a diaper that only has pee in it is like winning the lottery
10) Our little man is awesome.

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  1. What a cute little puddin' pack!!!

  2. Funny. Rest assured. Your obsession with poop will dwindle over time, thank goodness.

  3. Beautiful baby. You kids did good. When is show and tell?

  4. Forget burps! Thanks to my little infrequent pooper, I cheer and encourage messy diapers (although the doozy she let go tonight made me want to curse instead).

    You're going to bed at 9pm?? Jealous!