kiki - mexican jumping bean remix

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A kiki is a late night party.
You've listened to the Scissor Sister's Let's have a Kiki song, right?  It's right here just in case you haven't - and if you have, you should just listen to it again, because it's awesome.

 I used to be cool (ages ago) and (believe it or not) a participant of the late night kiki party.
Lately, not so much.
But JB has brought back the late night party to our house!  Since JB is the king of late night around here, here's how to throw a kiki JB style:

1. Dress Code: 
So I had to put on the wig, and the heels, and the lashes....
No fancy attire needed here - guests of JB's kikis are all dressed for comfort.

2. Beverages
'Cause I know exactly what we need...
Before JB it would be necessary to have plenty of these chilled and ready to serve!
Now, JB has mixed it up and keeps the party going by keeping some warm beverages flowing!
3.  Atmosphere
Fire up the smoke machine...
Okay, there is no smoke in JB's room but JB does prefer dim lighting to set the mood for the evening festivities.
4.  Security
Lock the doors, tight! 
Safety first, right?  While JB might not always appreciate this part - D and I do.  JB's party is secured nightly in his baby cage.
5.  Entertainment
I wanna have a kiki, dive, turn, work, let's have a kiki!
No dive, turn, and working it here - instead JB is more into the slurp, burp, and repeat!
4.  Event timing
And though the sun is rising, few may choose to leave, so shade that lid and we'll all bid adieu to your ennui!
JB's parties don't even stop when the sun comes up. And we do it all again the next day - we are serious rock stars in this house!

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