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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The BRU this week is about travel stories - we all have them!

Seeing as this is our first post our crazy, amazing, must tell FS travel story list is quite short and [thankfully] uneventful.... for now!
But my travel didn't start with the FS - I was an oil brat kid, always traveling, moving and can pack any suitcase to within a pound of the baggage allowance!  (Hopefully I can pass on some of my skills to our little diplo-brat...  I digress...)
So yes, I have travel stories.  I'll share some from the highlight reel with you today....

Want to fly SMAC airlines?!?  Sadly, I don't think they exist anymore, or maybe they rebranded themselves a bit - one would only hope! 


Bringing pork products into a muslim country.  Nothing like knowing as a kid that if your backpack is confiscated then that means NO Christmas ham.  Talk about some pressure there!    


Flying into an oil town on a plane where almost every passenger on the plane is male, single, old, talkative, drunk, and has BYOB, and you are a young, cute, twenty something girl flying solo.  Thank goodness for headphones! 


Watching your luggage come out in pieces on the carrousel. A shirt here, a part of the bag there, a shoe over there! I guess the baggage handlers figured putting the items back in the bag [or any bag] was just too much effort! And this is why I will never spend money on a fancy suitcase! 


Who needs a luggage carrousel when you can just collect your bag right off the tarmac, in the dark, and seriously subzero temperatures.  Searching for my bag in the cold did make me regret not ordering another glass of cheap wine [liquid jacket] on the flight.  


Countless pieces of lost luggage -  Yes, I hate, hate, hate CDG! 

That's enough for now, there's many, many more - if we are ever as post together ask me, for most of these stories are best shared over wine!
Happy travels and cheers!

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  1. What amazingly cringeworthy stories you have. Watching the contents of my luggage come out on the conveyor belt piece by piece is my worst traveling nightmare.