shoes - overrated, for now.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

today i had to come to terms with being really pregnant.
you see i have these shoes.

cute, right?  well i like them.  or at least i used to, until tonight.  i thought they would look great with my outfit i had for dinner.  an outfit i was all happy about because it was a new combination of my limited maternity wardrobe so it felt like new to me!

you see, thankfully i'm not having any swelling issues (knock on wood) so my shoes are the one pre-knocked up thing i can still wear and feel hot.

after i was all ready to go i sat down to put my shoes on - or to try to put them on.  i was having some serious feet reaching issues for the first few minutes, and then for the next few minutes.  finally i get one on, and decide to take a break before i move on to the other foot.

i literally sat there for 10 minutes trying to put on my shoes.
sad?  yes!
after failing to get both shoes on i gave up, and was forced to change my shoe plan.
worth it?  no.
but i was determined to not admit that i was so pregnant that putting shoes on was an issue.
stubborn?  damn straight!

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