Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes, I am a few weeks behind on this. ack - oh well.
D and I never took a honeymoon - we had our wedding planned, date set, invitations stamped.... and then the a100 call came and the wedding still went on as planned but out went the honeymoon!
After that there was no way we were going to go babymoon-less!

So back to DC and NYC we went!!!!  I know most people go to a beautiful island for their quiet babymoon - all I could think about was getting back to America and eating - romantic eh?  I know - that's how I roll.

In VA/DC I went to see the Nats play (AND WIN!) and enjoyed my Ben's half smoke.

ben's minus one bite
race of the presidents - go TJ!

And a trip to VA wine country.  Yes, I was the driver - lucky knocked up me!!!  
Then we went to NYC - I had only been once for work before and never been as a tourist - so yes, this was awesome! 

 view from our queens rental apartment

We ate Chinese food in Flushing- sorry the rest of the food we consumed too quickly to take any pictures of, there were pork dumplings, a pork sandwich thing, pork belly, eggplant with pork, and this pork on a stick (yes, we like pork) that D says was his favorite after hours snack in his China (pre-me) days! 
happy husband
We saw a TV show - okay nothing cool like Colbert - crappy daytime television, a show called The Chew.  I wanted to see Michael Symon and Mario Batali in action!  But I think we were also happy when it was over since we felt like little kids in the audience - apparently a pre-req for daytime tv viewing is ownership of an AARP card.
daytime tv - yeah, we're awesome like that!
We took a stroll around central park.
d was trying to put himself in the map to find some pond
pond - found! 
We ventured to Brooklyn for my darling D to enjoy some local brews.
tour of the brooklyn brewery. 
brews - enjoyed! 

And what trip to new york would be complete without a pastrami on rye?  Yum.   I won't tell you how fast I ate this, and a large bowl of matzah ball soup, and wanted more.  
this was amazing. 

And how could I forget the obligatory picture with the bull!

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