baby shower

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This past weekend my friend N, over at Five Gs, was super sweet and had a lovely baby shower for us!
Not only was it fun, but it was also highly educational - thanks to her trivia game.  (Thank you N for not making us smell chocolate diaper poop!) 

We had to use (attempt to use) baby words in a sentence (properly) - D and I both failed - miserably.
Exhibit A: some of our sentences
fontanelI drank from the fontanel of youth.  
vernixVernix rhymes with cervix.  
gravida: This speaker has a lot of gravidas
colostrumThere is a lot of colostrum in this colostomy bag.  
kegelA kegel is the muscle you use when doing a keg stand.  
Okay, so on this one we actually both knew what a kegel was, but let's be honest kegs are so much more fun and less awkward to write and think about.  

Hopefully, we are still allowed to be parents after our failed attempt at all things baby knowledge!  
Thanks again N!

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  1. Why am I JUST SEEING THIS NOW?! I apparently need to pay closer attention. I was just thinking about your baby shower and remembering how fun it was to put stuff together for you. Life before baby! It seems soooo far away now, huh?!