post flood cleaning

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It is seriously hard to get motivated after a 2 plus week stateside vacation (which was lovely, and more to come on this later!)  I say this as I sit on the couch procrastinating mopping the floors.  Floors that seriously need a mopping because 2 days into our trip we hear that our apartment has flooded.

No bueno! 

So right now my feet are black as night from walking on the floors.  Sexy huh?  And I'm sitting in a room that smells a bit off, think mildew mixed with the raid roach motel chemicals.  I probably should light a candle or something!

Word on the street has it the water pressure in the building was off, and found a weak point in our dishwasher.  From what we have heard our apartment had several inches of water in it, and started pouring over the balcony, and dripping into the guy's apartment below us.  Oops, sorry!  And the water made it way out into the hallway breaking the main elevator.  I'm sure the entire building LOVES us right now!  

So, I guess with all of that said I should probably get this house back in order and curse the stupid dishwasher. 

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