uninvited birdie guest

Friday, April 20, 2012

a huge huge huge THUD!

While procrastinating cooking dinner that is exactly what D and I heard on the balcony.  We look and see a parrot?  What?  Why is there a parrot, a now stunned and dizzy as all get out parrot, on our balcony?

We live in the city, a very inland city, so there are not gangs of parrots that fly around town.  (Yes, I associate beaches with hoards of parrots and pirates, I'm blaming this association on "moderate" consumption of Captain Morgan in college!) 

So, I know our next door neighbor has a bird (a very loud one), so I tried to be sneaky (not an easy task when 6 months knocked up) and I opened the other side of the balcony door to see if their balcony was open and the birdie just got confused on what apartment he was supposed to fly back into.  While I was out there our new feathered friend miraculously recovered from his run in with our glass door, got up and ran into the house.

Seriously?  2 seconds ago this bird could barely walk, and the minute he sees an opening in the door he makes a break for it? What a little stinker.

He then walks all around our living room, as I'm shouting at D - get a towel, get him!!!!  And flies into the hallway, lands on picture frames, hangs out at our bar area (I told you parrots and Captain Morgan go hand in hand!), and ends up on the kitchen counter!

While all of this is going on I discovered that D is not a good parrot catcher.  He was worried about hurting the guy.  Hurting him with a towel?  What? I guess D is nicer than I am.  So D eventually, primarily through arm waiving, gets the parrot back onto the balcony and he flies away.

I'm still not sure where the parrot came from or where he went.  He hasn't been back since.  And I'm not so sure if I have heard a bird at my neighbor's house since either.  But there is good news in all of this, obviously I keep my windows clean enough for a bird to fly into!  Yeah domesticated me!

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