sugar detox

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 days down, 99 more to go.
5 sugar-less days. 

Anyone that knows me is aware that I have a serious sweet tooth. When D asks me what I want for supper a common response back from me is: cookies, cake, and candy. Sadly, he has never once taken my meal request seriously.

Last week at my monthly prenatal check up, the doctor told me that my glucose level was on the high side of normal.  At this point, I'm just thinking that normal, high or low side, is good right? So, yeah me for being normal on my glucose test!!!!  And then he gives me evil, evil, evil instructions: no more sweets or juices, and easy on the fruit.  

A whatawhatawhat? This man has only known me for a few months, how can he say I can't have sugar?  Doesn't he know that sugar is one of the bottom pillars of my food pyramid? This is awful, I still haven't finished my chocolate easter bunny or the carrot cake in the fridge!!!  Grrrrrrrr. 

After the doc that night I went home and sulked.  Seriously.  And let me tell you sulking is NO fun without an ice cream sundae. The next morning I was over it.  And I can't believe that now I have made it 5 sugar-less days!   

I also have lost a pound - hmmmm, I thought I was supposed to be gaining weight here? 

So, some might think it is a bit premature for celebration since I have another trimester to go, but anyone that knows me is aware that for me this is a BIG little milestone!

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