easter bunny supper

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My darling D wanted to cook Easter supper this year.  He's an awesome cook, so I had no problem with this!  Except he wanted to forget the traditional Easter ham or leg of lamb and have rabbit.

That's right folks, my husband cooked the Easter Bunny.

I can't lie, it was amazing.  The little thing was stuffed with an apple-bacon mixture (how can anything with bacon be bad?).

So, after the first bite I forgot about the cute Mr. Hippity Hoppity and that we were eating him on Easter and said we should do this every year!  D's response...  only if we can have reindeer on Christmas.

Now how do we explain our festive holiday meals to our children?  

bunny in the pot - smelling great!
and dinner is served!

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