Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Recently I came to terms with the fact that I live with cockroaches.  Cockroaches that are freakishly immune to chemicals.   
Seriously, bombs, toxic gels, roach motels ain't got nothing on these guys.  Only the weak have fallen.  (ahhh oh well some dead are better than no dead, right?!?)

But I was okay with this when when I thought they were the only critter species living in the apartment.

But then I found something else.

Evil evil weevils.   
Sorry, I couldn't resist calling them something that dorkishly obvious. 

I know they are small, and really have nothing on the gross factor of my cockroach friends.  But they were in my baking supply cabinet, my baking supplies from stateside. Baking supplies that I already had zip-locked up.  Packed neatly away to prevent this very thing from happening.

The little boogers outsmarted me.  Grrrrrrr!

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  1. Gross, gross, gross. Hate those things. I store practically everything in the freezer these days, just to keep them at bay.