the swap

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Have you ever seen the awfully uncomfortable to watch show Wife Swap?

Well, if you change the word 'wife' in the title to 'job/life' and take out all of the drama that comes in every episode, well then you kind of have an idea of what D and I are up to this month. 

Essentially, we are trading lives (not wives) with one of his A-100 classmates in Tijuana.  Meaning D and I will go to Tijuana for 2 weeks, live in their casa, D does his job, and we check out their city ~ and vice versa!

Why? Because it sounds like fun, the dates worked out, and it gives us the excuse to check out another part of Mexico, thus checking off some of our boxes on our 'things to do before baby shows up' list! 

But since we're among friends here, let's just be honest, what I'm most looking forward to is San Diego, smelling Target once again, and eating my way through the long list of foods I miss *cough*inandoutburger*cough!*

And let me tell you, I can eat these days, like I think I could hang with the big boys in Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest. So, I'm really excited about this eating part of our swap. 

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  1. One of the best things about TJ is its delicious variety of food. You can just eat your way across the border. I hope to meet you while you're in town. :-)

  2. The only bad part is you can't try the local microbrews! But don't worry, we'll find you good grub to make up for it.

  3. D is stoked about the microbrews! So I'll eat and D will drink. What a well balanced couple we are.