Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear Rain,
I have missed you. You should really come out to play more often. Seriously. Think about it.
Love, K

Yes my darling, and lately distant friend, deserves this love letter.  Rain hasn't visited GDL in ohhhh 3 or 4ish months.  Things are dusty. For real. I can usually write my name in the dust on my dining room table, and I do Pledge it weekly. Mighty gross if I do say so myself. 

I know the rain isn't back to stay, still another couple months of dry season, but I will say I did enjoy some rainy day hot chocolate, a rainy day nap, and singing my favorite rainy day song! 

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  1. Love that song. And I must say, I too have enjoyed wearing warm, cozy clothes all day!

  2. I'll trade all the rain in Manila for some dryness any day! And things still get dusty here...