music friday

Friday, February 03, 2012

First off, this band is my new obsession.  I just found out about them last week and I was all excited to show D when he got home from work because I knew he would LOVE it and because I know he never has time these days to keep up with new music.  I played it and he totally busted my bubble by saying "Oh, the Alabama Shakes I really like them, I heard them last month on All Songs Considered." Thanks All Songs Considered for keeping my husband in the loop and making my new discoveries lackluster.

Fast forward to this afternoon where I was lacking some serious motivation.  (Might be caused by the two XL slices of costco pizza I inhaled about 2 hours ago ~  it is kind of nice being knocked up and actually being about to admit my guilty food pleasures) Hearing this forced me to move my bootie, which means some laundry just might get done today.  Yeah me!

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