i bought alcatraz

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a chick - I really like flowers.

I'm convinced chicks who says they don't like flowers are lying, just as I am convinced that those people who say pregnancy is a wonderful and magical time in your life are crazy - another topic for another time!

So this chick was pretty excited to finally visit the Guadalajara flower market, and D being the sweet husband he is (and having heard that flowers were cheap cheap cheap there) told me to buy anything I wanted!

So I bought alcatraz, spent a whole 5 dollars on it too. 20 long stemmed alcatrazes.

Okay, so no these do not look anything like The Rock.
I learned this morning that the word for calla lilies is alcatraz. How lovely. So, wasn't that sweet of the dude that named Alcatraz to name it after something so cheerful?  I'm sure the prisoners really appreciated that. *

*Side note, I actually googled Alcatraz to find out if it was really named after the flower, mainly because I would think I would have remembered that part from the tour.  Alas, in old Spanish alcatraces were pelicans, hence the Pelican Island nicknames. Bummer, I liked my flower name origin theory better.  

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  1. Just found your blog and I love it.

  2. Those are beautiful flowers. As for pregnancy, sometimes it's just a magical time when it's hazed over with nostalgia. Can you feel the baby moving around yet? That's pretty freakin' awesome. Morning sickness--not so awesome.

  3. you got me there, the little one's squirming is pretty cool!

  4. I think pregnancy gave me PTSD. Very UN-magical for me :(