Thursday, January 12, 2012

So I took a break. And went 'home'.

I spent some time on one of these chairs.   

Lombok, Indonesia
Played with a baby elephant. 
My sister and I feeding the baby. Sumatra, Indonesia
Had arts and crafts hour.  I think the lady to my right wasn't impressed with my skills. 
Lombok Pottery Factory
And ate massive (might be an understatement) quantities of all of my favourite foods. 
Snake Fruit
150 Lumpia

Yes, Indonesia is a lovely location for a sabbatical. 

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  1. "Eeeewww! That is DISGUSTING!" says Eva, referencing the snake fruit. That is some weird stuff! But we ALL love the baby elephant picture. Kai eats watermelon too, but I think the elephant gives him a run for his money in the cuteness departamento.