do not try this at home

Friday, January 20, 2012

Being pregnant, and in a new country away from my circle, I have found myself consulting the internet, a lot! No don't worry I'm not a WebMD addict now diagnosing myself with ebola due to a stomach cramp!

But seriously, this being drug free (OTC stuff, c'mon guys) kind of stinks.  I never realized how amazing pepto is, or those little liqu-gel headache pills.  Ahhh, the good ole days.  So every time an ailment would strike I would google a pregnancy safe home remedy.

I thought I would share them with you, not so that we can all be drug free together, but so you NEVER try these!  Seriously if you're not knocked up go to the drug store, those companies know what they are doing!

Problem: Headache
Home Remedy: Peppermint oil
Outcome: So I think that this just gave me a high that only Buddy the Elf would appreciate! 

Problem: Ear infection (double!)
Home Remedy: Garlic oil drops in the ear
Outcome: Sorry Dr. Oz, but not only did I feel like a freak infusing olive oil for my EAR, but my head smelled like an Italian kitchen after this! At least the ENT I eventually went to didn't commit me when I told him I tried this!

Problem: Diarrhea (Hey, don't tell me that is TMI!  I live in Mexico, it happens!)
Home Remedy: Drink apple cider vinegar
Outcome: Hell no!  I do not enjoy drinking salad dressing ingredients, I'm not crazy! Opting to suffer though it sounded like a much better idea than the home remedy!

So random ailments I wave a white flag to you, for now.  But come July, helloooo medicine cabinet!

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