shower time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yes, I did just OMG because I just took a hot shower!

Something has been weird with our hot water heater since we got here - D has fiddled with it, tried all sorts of settings, and NOTHING has worked. The best we could get was around 2 minutes of hot water.

Now try shampooing, conditioning, soaping, and shaving in 2 minutes. Unless you are bald (which I'm not) this just wasn't going to happen.

So for the past 2.5 months I have been the queen of quick showers. Unfortunately this meant going that extra day without washing my hair because I really wasn't in the mood for cold water that day, or sink shaving - I hate sink shaving, the sinks are too high here for that and I'm always afraid I'm going to fall over backward and D will find me when he gets home on my back clenching a razor.

Okay, back to the point, my shower. The other day D tinkered with the hot water heater again (one last college try eh?) so later that day I jumped into the shower only to find out that this time our water heater was commandeered by Mr. Freeze. To say the least, I wasn't very happy at that moment.

That was the water heater last straw.

Yesterday afternoon our water heater super hero team came, did something, explained what they did in Spanish (honestly they could have been speaking Swahili because Spanish plus water heater terms mixed with charade style hand gestures are never going to make sense to me) - but I said 'Si! Bueno. Gracias!'

I know, saying 'si' to everything will get me in trouble one day.  But until that day I'm going to stick with my favourite word. 

And this morning, my shower was hot. I had time (and then some) to shampoo AND condition.  This is crazy talk.

I'm a happy girl right now.  I'm thinking about doing some light gardening only so I can take another shower today.

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