make it blue!

Friday, October 28, 2011

D and I debated painting for a few weeks. We weren't sure what colours we wanted or if we were really in the mood to do it, and then paint it back to white when we leave.
Read in between the lines, we weren't sure how lazy we wanted to be!

After 2 months of hanging out in our blinding hospital white living/dining room we decided to get our butts to the Home Depot and start our Extreme Makeover: Wall Edition.
(Side note - I know, we are seriously so spoiled that we have Home Depot and Wal-Mart and Costco here - crazy huh?!?  Talk about FS Lite!!!)

After narrowing down our colours we got busy.  And yes, I'm the one that decided to finger paint on the walls (left).  It was more entertaining for me than using the roller brush. Unfortunately D painted over my artwork - everyone's a critic!
And doesn't that look MUCH better? Little less sterile? Feels more like home!  It is AMAZING what a coat (or 2-3) of paint can do!
Now all it needs is our stuff - rumor has it should be here soon - and we are ready for company! Sweet!

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  1. Gorgeous. And in person, even more so! You inspire me.