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Monday, October 03, 2011

D and I get into the car on Sunday.  And something really smelled funky.
Think stinky cheese mixed with feet.

After tearing the car apart to track down the smell (I was convinced that either a grocery item had been left in the car at some point, or that something had died) we realized our pork chops from Saturday's grocery run must have leaked.  

Rotting pork juice.  How nasty is that!

Now that we knew the source of this stink - the next question was how does one get rotting meat smell out of a car?  This was never a life skill badge I received in girl scouts!  And I'm not anywhere near a Wal-Mart auto section with labels in English for me to find stank-be-gone!

So... D and I attempted to shampoo it out on Sunday night- thinking that would do the trick - well, not so much. Monday morning came and our car still smelled like stink with the added scent of Tide  - odd combination, but gross nonetheless. 

With Plan A a fail, it was time for Plan B.  Baking soda.  It gets up stains right?  So why would it not soak up rotting pork smell?
So I dumped baking soda paste over the source and poured vinegar on top of that. (Yes, this is the same formula used for the fake volcanoes we all made in 1st grade!)  After my volcano inspired concoction dried the smell was pretty much gone!!!!  Yeah!!!!  But now I was left with this white powdery mess.

So to the car wash I went! They are better at vacuuming out my car than I will ever be, plus my HHE isn't here yet so my vacuum is still in transit.

It did not occur to me while I was at the car wash why there were three gentlemen looking in the boot of my car and one of them putting his finger to the baking soda and sniffing it to see what it was (I was honestly more worried that the pork smell would come back and I would gross the guys out!) but later I realized they were trying to figure out what this white powder was all over the back of my car.

They cleaned it up very nice.  But I have no clue what their conclusion was - I kind of don't want to know.  They smiled at me when I left - but wait, do they always do that, I'm not so sure, am I just being paranoid?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they realized it was a cleaning agent. Because they do a really good job cleaning my car there - and I would hate to not be able to go back because I was that weird ginga lady with the mystery white powder in her boot.

Oh well.  At least the pork smell is gone. 

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  1. This is among the various reasons that we bought cheap styrofoam coolers to put in each of our cars' trunks.

  2. White powder in trunk = instant street cred

  3. Pork juice odor sounds as bad as "forgotten opened jar of baby meat stick" odor! Awesome tale.