my growing jardin!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Okay, so I forgot to post a follow up to my now growing little garden!

Well honestly, that first week my green thumb had a few mishaps - so maybe there was a reason I was not quick to post an update - maybe hoping readers would just forget that I tried the domestic task of gardening.

But since I don't know a memory charm, and since the plants are no longer embarrassingly malnourished looking - I can now post an update!
Yes, there is actually a little plant in the thyme and oregano pot - they are just being stubborn.  And... I know, I'm about to kill my plants once again due to over crowding - I'll replant this weekend. 

By the looks of it I think that mint is just about ready for some serious mint juleps - wouldn't you say so?  Signing off now to 'taste test' some beverages - I wouldn't want to serve a bad cocktail, now would I?


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  1. It's late here for juleps, but I sure could use that mint in my Thai and Turkish cooking. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. looks terrific, good job!! I really really want to start a little garden, esp to grow grape tomatoes which I can't find here but i have not been able to find the time yet. My home is still such a mess! You can thin your plants out, just snip them and leave 1-2 to grow in the pot until you're sure one is strong enough. Good luck!
    ps you have my sympathies re cold showers. glad it's fixed!