Lipstick on the collar?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My darling D is lucky I'm not a jump to conclusions, jealous wife.  

You see, I try to be nice by washing [removing taco stains] and starching his shirts.
Hey I'm saving us pesos on a dry cleaning bill!  

The other day I came across a non salsa based stain - upon closer inspection I realized it was a make up stain - foundation/powder (not lipstick)? And not my foundation type.  A whatawhat?

Was I mad?  No.  I busted out laughing.  

While this probably would not be kosher back in DC - this  make up smudge made perfect sense here in Mexico. You see, in Mexico they do the one cheek kiss.  Not the two, not the three, just the one kiss.  (The first time I greeted a Mexican I totally tried to go in for two - I guess I'm just an eager greeter.) 

And also in Mexico the women tend to be a lot more dolled up than the women of DC.

When I saw the stain I knew right away that it was from a happy hour - which I was probably at - where during the Mexican greeting someone lost part of their face on D's shirt.  Sucks to be them, hopefully they realized and reapplied to even out their face before they went out for the evening.

Later that day when I told D about his shirt - we both laughed.  But since the smudge almost did not come out I did nicely ask D to minimize the one cheek greeting while wearing his favorite Brooks Brothers shirts.   

I love this ad. It aired during Mad Men. And yes, Clorox is what did the trick on D's shirt.

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