What's cookin' good lookin'?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love cooking.  So it has been nice being able to cook meals during the week that that were once reserved for only the weekends when I had a good 3+ hours to kill in the kitchen. 

But lately - after doing this for 7 weeks now.  I have run out of ideas.  My cooking inspiration has gone dry.

sad spice cabinet.
This isn't due to my lack of ability or desire for different types of foods - trust me I am craving some red curry right now -  I am just in desperate need for my kitchen wares!

There are only so many meals that you can cook in skillet or on a cookie sheet.  And I would love to use a spice other than dried Italian seasoning and Tony's (and this comes from a girl that LOVES her some Tony's).

Basically my lesson learned is...  dutch oven, Indian + Asian spices, and rice cooker (how do people make their rice so fluffy withought this electric wonder?) go into the air shipment.  

Here's to hoping the HHE gets here soon, and that D can stomach some chicken and paste like consistency rice tonight!

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