soy un estudiante

Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm officially enrolled in a Mexican university.

Bring on the beer bongs, house parties, jungle juice, kegs of natty light, and errrr cram study sessions?

Wait a second, I'm old, because even just the thought of those things gives me a headache now.  Seriously, natty light? What were we thinking?  I digress. 

No, I'm not going back to school for another degree - I'm attempting to upgrade my Spanglish - wait, I mean learn Spanish.

So now I can now say all of the important things like....

What is your name? Where are you from? The banana is yellow. I am very intelligent. She drinks soda. He is married.

All semi useful, right? Maybe next week my skills will be awesome enough to write an updated version (in Spanish) of Fun with Dick and Jane!

Hey, I'll get there eventually. Until then, I shall just enjoy saying that I am a young co-ed again. 

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  1. Should I start commenting in Spanish only so you can practice?

    K, me encanta tu blog y me divierte muchisimo leer sobre tus gringaventuras en Mex! Enjoy!!

  2. Oops. I got lost and posted that comment on the wrong post. Oh well. I'll comment for real on this one.

    My husband would argue that the only phrase you need to learn in Spanish is "Estoy de acuerdo." He's kidding, I think.