Rooster Sauce

Friday, September 30, 2011

Whale? Sauce
Rooster Sauce
At the store the other day I quickly purchased some sriracha sauce in order to curb my craving for a sriracha, ham, egg, avocado, and tomato sandwich. 

When I got home D was quick to point out that I had not bought rooster sauce...  but I had bought whale (?) sauce.

What the heck?  What company copies my lovely rooster sauce and the only thing they change about the bottle is the animal on the picture?  (Yes, it did taste the same.)

And what does a whale have to do with hot sauce anyways?  Everyone knows roosters love sriracha hence why they market the stuff?  Right?  Or is it that sriracha tastes good on roosters?  What a second, that can't be right - if it is then my current bottle of sriracha would be suggesting that I pair it with Free Willy.  No bueno.

Forget these roosters and whales - now I'm just concerned at why it take a random, non-cuddly animal to sell hot sauce?

Everyone knows pandas are the best marketing tools...  demonstrated clearly in the Panda Cheese commercials here:

Fear + Adorable Panda = Increased Product Sales

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