Pants PSA

Monday, September 26, 2011

I will now take a break from the regularly scheduled updates on expatriate living, tacos, and cockroaches to bring to your attention the importance of pants.

I thought that this had been tackled a while ago (cough in 2009 cough) and I thought we were passed this. But an increased sighting of lack of women wearing pants has forced me bring this to our attention.

Ladies of the world, leggings are not pants.  They weren't in 2009, they weren't in 2010, and believe or not the rules are still the same in 2011.

American Apparel even tried to tell us this back in 2010.
Maybe it is because I have been on a college campus during the day for my Spanish class or maybe it is because I'm no longer spending my days isolated behind a desk - but whatever the reason is aside - these faux pants sightings are everywhere and being spotted on women from around the globe.

As a rule of thumb, if you are wondering if you are wearing pants right now or not.  Turn around, observe your rear in the mirror and if you and see every indentation on it then please go put on pants.  


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  1. Agreed! And I would just like to add that jeggings are also not pants.

  2. I think the rule of thumb is: if you're wondering if you're wearing pants, then you're not wearing pants.

  3. Totally agree with Carla. Well put!

  4. In our house tonight: "Did you see K's blog about pants? I just saw one of our neighbors not wearing pants."