Fighting Evil Critters

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember back on this post (item 1) I mentioned my issues with household products and Spanish language packaging (aka Bubble Flood 2011).

Well my saga with Spanish language packaging continues - this time with stove cleaner.

Looks like stove cleaner?  Right?  Well, it is.

But this stover cleaner has super powers that the pictures on the bottle did not clue me into.

 No, I have not lost it, I have not been hitting the tequila this early - I swear my stove cleaner really has a little orange cape built in.

I discovered the amazing powers of Mr. Brasso one night when I was cleaning the stove and out of the corner of my eye I saw my arch nemesis - El Cucaracha Loco (okay, well that is his lucha libre name, most people just call him cockroach blech).

You see, I'm not all that thrilled that El Cucaracha Loco and his friends have been squatting in my apartment - what can I say, I hate moochers.  And I'm also peeved that they have laughed in the face of the cockroach kryptonite I left out for them.

Untouched Cockroach Kryptonite

So I looked at El Cucaracha Loco - and said something mature along the lines of - you suck poopy butt - and sprayed him with Brasso stove cleaner.

And then El Cucaracha Loco twitched and died.

At this point I didn't know weather to rejoice that I had killed El Cucaracha Loco or to be creeped out that my kitchen cleaner was so toxic it could kill a cockroach.

Needless to say the creeps over my kitchen cleaner being deadly toxic won out.  And now my Brasso is relagated to fighting multi-legged villians.

Ants before Brasso
Ants after Brasso - very few have been seen since!

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  1. OMG. I've got to buy some Brasso. The ants in Mexico are unstoppable, especially since I have Poptart dropping rug rats. At least we don't have cockroaches...