Alto! ... Or not.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Shhh.  Don't tell anyone. But I did it.
I ran a stop sign.

Okay, well maybe it wasn't running a stop sign technically - I came to a very very very slow roll through the stop sign intersection (an intersection that NO ONE was stopping or slowing down for - I guess they knew something I didn't) and looked both ways before crossing.   
There goes some of my bad ass points, damn you honesty!

It has taken me three weeks to gather up the courage to do this. So this is kind of a big deal for me. I'm a law abiding citizen.  I go the speed limit. I give pedestrians the right away.  I even stop at yellow lights.

So why is my sudden rebel on wheels action a big deal?  You see, I was tired of near run ins with other cars, the nasty looks, and horn action from other drivers for obeying the traffic laws. 

So don't you get it?  It is safer to run the stop sign. Makes sense huh?

While I still received nasty looks and honks for slowing down at the stop sign - at least people saw my brake lights and didn't continue toward my stopped car at full speed.

Ahhh, yes I dearly miss taking the DC metro everywhere!

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  1. You'll get the hang of it, and before long, you'll actually love running all the stop signs. The tricky part for us here in Tijuana is remembering not to run them when we go to "el otro lado."

  2. I would totally be in trouble having to switch form MX rules to US rules on a regular basis!!!!