Altitude v. Me

Thursday, September 01, 2011

So in my last post my baking skills looked like they had much to be desired.

Here, I'll refresh your memory if you forgot.  These were supposed to be orange vanilla cupcakes - may they rest in peace.  D called them pound cakes, I called them trash. 

I am now happy to report that I have officially said TAKE THAT ALTITUDE - your atmospheric pressure can not mess with my sweet tooth. 

Now if you will excuse me while I enjoy one of these lovely strawberry creations...  

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  1. Very nice...yummy!

  2. Those look as good as the ones we got in Alexandria! There's your career while in Mexico - open a cupcake shop!!

  3. Those cupcakes do look beautiful! Also, I am so so jealous Kristin! Congrats on getting to travel the world! I'll keep living vicariously through your blog :P

    -Kelly Meredith