We're Here!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

And oh what a long journey it was.  A whole 1 hour 54 minute flight from Houston.  (So much for me getting Elite status on Continental this assignment!)

What I have seen so far – I LOVE!

Love the neighborhood – I can walk to the grocery store! And there are a bi-gillion restaurants.  Not that I really need to partake in any rich food dining after our farewell tour of Old Town Alexandria – but it is good to know that when I’m ready to indulge again that craving can be satisfied blocks from my front door. 

And speaking of my front door – I love our new pad!  I (well we) have an Oprah closet - the size of our old bedroom in Old Town! (Yes, this is my lead in when I talk about our apartment, when I eventually post a picture you will understand why!) I told D that if our next place doesn’t have a walk in closet that rivals Oprah’s then I will have to stay in Guadalajara!  The only downfall that I see is that the closet didn’t come with her signature red bottomed shoes. I would ask D for a pair, but I think if I did he would just take a red Sharpie to a pair of mine and say voila!  Hey, a girl can dream right?

Okay, back to the apartment.  Aside from the closet, I’m in love with the kitchen. I can hardly wait for all of our kitchen goodies to get here so I can finally use my Le Creuset pots on a gas range - just as the cooking gods intended.  As usual, taste-testers are always welcome!

Pictures and more to come soon.  Hasta luego!  (I know, my Spanish rocks!!!!)

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  1. YOU CRACK ME UP!!! I can't wait to come visit!!!

  2. i've been waiting to hear! So glad you arrived safely and happily. Your home and hood sound amazing. Tell us more soon! hugs

  3. You're hilarious! But awesome that you guys like it! I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!!

  4. So exciting! Can't wait to see that closet...

  5. As requested - some pics are up! Cheers!